Absolute Towers, Mississauga, Canada

“Monroe building” is located at the intersection of the most important streets in Mississauga. Its importance and landmark will make this area the center of this low-density suburban city.

The design of Guangzhou tower corresponds to two algorithm operations, one is Math and the other is Discretize.

Mathematics is the maiestic edifice imagined by man in order to comprehend the universe. There one encounters the absolute and infinite, what may be grasped and what may not be grasped. There walls are erected in front of which one may pass and repass without results; sometimes a door is found; one opens it and enters, and is in other places, there where the gods are found, there where lie the keys of the great systems. These doors are those of miracles. Passing through one of these doors, the operating force is no longer man but the contact with the universe. And before him occur and develop the fabulous series of limitless combinations. He is in the and of numbers.

Discretization means finding the smallest particle that can describe the whole. It means working on the texture that generates the perception of form. In this case the element is not just an object supporting something else but the real protagonist of the composition. The challenge in this kind of approach is to find the balance between the continuity of the form and the discontinuity of the components; if the components are too irregular in shape, material, colour surface treatment, and spatial arrangement, the result will be an indecipherable form.

draw by author
  • Draw a curve and rotate it along the ellipse at the bottom.
  • The obtained space surface is divided horizontally and evenly.
  • The obtained results are stamped and become spatial entities.
  • Each spatial entity rotates around the axis, and the adjacent rotation angle changes from X to 2X, 3X…Multiple increases.
  • Adjust the rotation angle to get the final result.

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